Kilimanjaro Routes


Duration: 5-6 days | Difficulty level: Moderate | Price: $1,550-$1,600 per climber

Known as “The Coca-Cola Route”, Marangu best essay proofreading service is the most accessible and well-traveled route on Kili. It offers a straight shot to Uhuru Peak in the shortest amount of time. The trail is also endowed with sleeping huts unlike any other route for more comfortablenights. A great trail for first climbers or those not accustomed to spending long periods of time outdoors.


Duration: 6-7 days | Difficulty level: Hard | Price: $1,650-$1,700 per climber

Known as “The Whiskey Route”, Machame is a great climb straight up the mountain’s face. The days are longer and harder than on Marangu, both in time spent on the trail and vertical feet covered in a day. Designated campsites along the trail welcome you each night but there are no facilities other than basic outhouses. A trail for the slightly more adventurous climber but certainly a favorite along with Marangu.


Duration: 6-7 days | Difficulty level : Hard | Price: $1,750-$1,800 per climber

Umbwe runs parallel to Machame and offers a very similar climb, only slightly steeper in the first few days. Both trails meet up at Barranco Camp and offer the option of the traditional ascent via Stella’s Point or the extremely difficult ascent via the Western Breach. The summit path on the Western Breach is directly up steep, icy rock and while ropes are not necessary, an inexperienced climber will be in over their head.

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Duration: 7-9 days | Difficulty level: Hard | Price: $2,000-$2,100 per climber

The longest route up Kilimanjaro, the Lemosho & Shira trails offer a slow and steady ascent up Kili’s western front. It is the most demanding hike of all the routes due to this slow and steady pace but at the same time write my university essay offers less vertical ascent per day than any other trail, which allows more time for precious acclimatization.

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Descent on all trails is via the Mweka route.

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