I had a phenomenal time climbing up Kili with Adam as my guide. Adam and his friendly and extremely capable crew of porters led us up the mountain skillfully. They lightened the mood when we climbed through the more challenging sections of the mountain and always had a smile on their face throughout the journey. More than that however, Adam went out of his way to make sure that we enjoyed our time in tanzania outside of the fantastic climb. He showed us around town and took us to local restaurant and clubs, and introduced us to his family, giving us a very unique glimpse into Tanzanian life that few foreigners are able to enjoy. He also planned our safari which was fantastic and very unique. We were able to see the ‘bush men’, certainly the highlight of the safari, only because Adam made sure we’d be able to before the trip. Thanks Ringo Expeditions for a fantastic experience!

– Philip (Summer 2012)


Ringo Expeditions let me have a remarkable experience in Mt. Kilimanjaro and Africa. Adam and his staff took care of us at every step along the way and ensured that our every wish was fulfilled. Adam skillfully led our adventure up Mt. Kilimanjaro, softening the rigors of the mountain with expert guiding and the utmost care at the campsites. He combined the consummate professionalism of larger tour companies with personalized attention that let us get away from the more touristy avenues of the area. We sampled the local ‘yomachoma’ barbecue and even visited a ‘bongo flavor’ club, the infectious regional variety of hip-hop. Adam’s warm personality and organization of our trip assured me at every moment that we were in great hands. If you want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and visit Africa let Ringo Expeditions take you on the trip of a lifetime.

– Michael (Summer 2011)


The week I climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was seven of the most enjoyable days of my life. I had come to the mountain with high hopes; expecting quality time with friends, breath-taking scenery and adventure. As I watched the sunrise over the roof of Africa, I realized that I had not been disappointed. The memories I have with my friends from home are unforgettable, and the friendships forged with our guide, Adam, and his team are equally meaningful. The climb was difficult and we saw many hikers turn back, but using his positive attitude and mountain experience, Adam kept us climbing higher and higher until we reached our goal. I will never forget how good I felt standing on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – I had a best friend on either side of me , all of Africa below me and the challenge behind me.

– Greg (Winter 2009)

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