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My name is Paschal Adam Ringo. I am the owner / Chief Guide of Ringo Expeditions. I have been a guide for 15 years and I have been to the Summit of Kilimanjaro (Uhuru Peak) more than 230 times. With us you are safe and in experienced hands. Ringo Expeditions maximizes the chance of success and safety of our clients through our years of experience. Ringo’s programs focus on the Tanzanian experience and promote growth in the local community.

Ringo Expeditions is unique. Rather than a company of business people, Ringo Expeditions is a guides company. It exists for the profit of the guides and porters who will take you to the top of the mountain. Ringo Expeditions promises you a the best trek up the mountain and best Safari in East Africa(read our client testimonials) and fair treatment to our employees. Allow us to share more about our mission with you.

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  • Ringo Expeditions was fantastic and we had an amazing trek to Kilimanjaro. Adam and Martin were incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and prioritized safety throughout our entire climb. The food was great and the porters were all lovely. Thank you Adam for a once in a lifetime trip! The photos from the top are incredible!
  • I traveled with a group of 10 people with varying levels of age, fitness and experience. We all had some degree of apprehension regarding the ability to be successful and enjoyable. Ringo expeditions did everything to maximize both. They are an extremely professional and knowledgable outfit. We were given excellent time to acclimate properly to maximize success (we all made it to the top). Along the way, they make every effort to make the trip enjoyable. The food was excellent (a chef was part of the porter group). The positive attitude and small creature comforts along the way also made for a memorable trip. I highly recommend this group with its personalized and professional service.
    Rene M.
  • Ringo Expeditions is an excellent and affordable choice for reaching Kilimanjaro's summit. Led by Adam Ringo, the company prioritizes its customers' needs and success by being flexible, attentive, and wise. Adam brings to bear several decades of experience on the mountain and he employs a great team to help his clients throughout the trek. Ringo Expeditions came highly recommend and I second that recommendation. You'll have a great experience.
    Joe Y
  • Ringo Expeditions led us on an amazing trek to Kilimanjaro. All 10 of us in the group were able to summit Uhuru. I really appreciated Adam and the guides’ expertise, as well as the support and positive spirit of the porters. An unforgettable experience.
  • I had an amazing trek with Adam and Ringo Expeditions. From the coordination before, to the actual trek everything was high quality. The guides and staff were very friendly and great, the food was more than enough and we all made it to the top, a great indication !!

    Alejandro T
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